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Star DarkSideOfHumanity

Group Founder: fallenso
Description: Welcome in a world that most people will never find.Welcome in the dark side of you.Take a look at the people around you!What can you see?Just slaves.They are are their own slaves.Free yourself.Leave the fake god ways.Join the DARK SIDE OF HUMANITY clan!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 74
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Occult

Topics (12)

go New members (27) fallenso
All the new members must leave here their description

go Do you believe you are worthy? (5) fmdracul
Do you find that you l*st blood when you awake at night? Does light burn your flesh like nothing else? Do you think that there is something different about you that no one understands? Do you find tha...

go what in the mother hell (0) liwaza

go What happened to everyone? (8) charisma
Where did everybody go? I'ts of importance than satanists around the world and especially from south africa show themselves here! How are we supposed to stand togetha?

go Misanthropia (0) carvine
Ppl. Worthless ppl. Its quite hard to find ppl like me. any thoughts?

go giving in (4) songflo
the world changes nd u c thing differently. the anger boils up, the pain intensifies, the hatred grows bt @ the end of ths highway 2 darkness the pain fades away nd the lv 4 myself grows. hello world ...

go Necromancy (3) muscaria
Anyone ?

go Dark arts (0) khombi
Anybody,i need help,do i need 2 perform a ritual or something?i js wna get d action started.

go announcement (0) sserpent
dark greetings 2 u all. i invite u 2 my site so u could check out my blogs. if u lyk em bud me, leave a comment in my gb nd pls return with ur feedback 2 ths topic.

go liven things around here (2) sserpent
show us how dark u r, share u thoughts, experiences...where is ur darkness? c'mon anything dark goes.

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