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Subject: Do you believe you are worthy?
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fmdracul 13.12.07 - 10:27pm
Do you find that you l*st blood when you awake at night? Does light burn your flesh like nothing else? Do you think that there is something different about you that no one understands? Do you find that you do not fit in to this modern world because you find that everyone is a part of one big machine that drives them to believe that if they behave and do as they are told everything will be ok and some higher being will give their pityful lifes a better existance after death? The truth is that there is no such being and whilst they are all doing as eachothers told following their fashion icons and designer brands, we can see what they truly are... One big herd. We treat them just as they act... Cattle. Do you believe you are worthy of joining a cult that has been established for almost a thousand years? If you are contact me and I may set you on your path to the true meaning of your existants. We are the the ones that have lived in the shadows for far too long and the time has come to make a stand and bring all of us together. Brothers and sisters after acceptance and initiations you will all feel fulfilled and be given a meaningful life *

ashs 25.12.07 - 10:49am
Hmm, sounds like the Brotherhood of Nod, lol. But they've been around for 2 centuries not 1. *

vampi16 13.05.08 - 11:49pm
Am i worthy of this group? *

cvdangel 12.02.09 - 09:33am
Greets. I do nt knw if im worthy. I was born with long sharp fangs bt i fild them of bcauz i was embarast. I crave blud always , bt i cnt take a life 2 get it. I am sesitive to sunlight im also very pale, bt the sun dnt hurt me that much. I prever 2 stick 2 shadows. Im crazy and luv xploring new nd crazy thngs. Durng luv makn i keep feeln the urg to rip them apart and feast on their flesh. Sum ppl say im hibrid other thnk im jst weird or posessed. I do nt knw what i am nymo. I usd 2 b able 2 c in da dark aswel. When eva sumbody bleeds i cn smell it. I feel weird on my stomach and my gums and k9 teeth les. What am i. I cnt heal instantly nore am i imortal. Am i jst blud thisty or is there sumthn more 2 me. *

nevrnevr 26.07.09 - 12:00am
I'm worthy. You're not. We've been here longer than humanity. *

ravennyt 26.03.10 - 05:11am
Shut up all of u.if we were worthy y in hell didnt we take our rightful place in this god 4saken world.da old 1s cast us in2 da shadows wivout a second thought an nw we bicka between ourselves.grrr im so mad. *

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