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Subject: giving in
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songflo 5.10.07 - 11:42am
the world changes nd u c thing differently. the anger boils up, the pain intensifies, the hatred grows bt @ the end of ths highway 2 darkness the pain fades away nd the lv 4 myself grows. hello world of darkness where i can b an untamed animal. *

songflo 5.10.07 - 12:03pm
suddenly im nt afraid 2 do wht they call evil. suddenly al tht attracts me is tht whch is drkns nd tht of drkns. i am nt trapped. i am nt a slave. i am have got a free soul... *

peppy 8.10.07 - 09:38am
Yeah flo, i undrstand, am feeling the same way. *

sihle213 26.09.09 - 09:10pm
you mother-loverz are are complete sickoz.wre du u thnk u at? ths aint hell b***hes. *

carvine 1.10.09 - 04:25pm
sihle looks like this group isnt for u. I understand u flo, but i hope that i can feel free someday *

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